Brian Alder

Age: 41

Kainga: Christchurch

Occupation: Sales Manager, Climber

Brian has done a few big, cold routes in the NZ mountains and has climbed mountains in Antartica, Peru, USA, India and Nepal. He was part of the 2002 NZ attempt on the West Face of Changabang.

From my perspective it would be an amazing achievement to be even close to being successful on the West Pillar of Changabang. I would see it as a culmination of all my climbing experience. I’ll probably sit back on the couch afterwards and think ‘oh well, that’s it for me’! It would be the biggest idea I can have and I’m going to go try and do it. That’s really what it’s about for me – what’s the biggest thing I can think of doing and see if I can make it happen”


Marty Beare

Age: 52

Kainga: Luggate

Occupation: Mountain Guide, Author of Sister Europe

Marty was a slow starter at outdoor adventure activities, but is now fully committed to the life of poverty, chastity, and obedience that goes hand-in-hand with being a full-time mountain guide and climber. He has climbed many of NZ’s classic alpine climbs, as well as visiting mountains in Canada, Alaska, and the upper Gangotri Glacier. Most NZ winters Marty disappears to the European alps to stand in line with his clients on Mt Blanc. This year the attraction of an attempt on the iconic Boardman/Tasker route on Changabang, plus the opportunity to become immersed once again in the sea of life that is India, has easily overpowered lowly pecuniary motivations.



Adam Darragh


Kainga: Katoomba

Occupation: Outdoor Education Lecturer, Mountain Guide

Adam lives in Katoomba with his 2 beautiful
kids called Max and Zoie and his partner Billie. He has spent lots of time
mucking around in the Himalaya including a solo ascent of Cholatse SW ridge, and is “the best weakest climber in the Blue Mtns by a long


Craig Jefferies

Age: 30

Kainga: South Island

Occupation: Secondary School Teacher, Photographer, Writer and Climber

Craig has been climbing in the Southern Alps of New Zealand for over ten years, where he has made a number of beautiful and hard first ascents. He is the author of a recent guidebook to New Zealands alpine granite climbing paradise – the Darran mountains.

He has also pursued mountaineering adventures in Peru and Kyrgyzstan .



Kester Brown

Age: 28

Kainga: Wellington

Occupation: Industrial Abseiler, Rigger, Photographer and Climber

Kester began climbing when he was 13 years old under the auspicious guidance of the Hutt Valley Tramping Club.

Since then he has experienced climbing in many different styles, from alpine routes in the mountains of New Zealand to sport routes in Europe, big walls in the U.S and ice and mixed routes in Canada.

“Changabang will be the first peak I have attempted to climb in the Himalayas.For me, being involved in an expedition like this feels like an inevitable consequence of my life long love of climbing in the mountains.The prospect of going to try the big routes on the highest mountains has been with me since I started climbing. Some ideas can take a while to come to fruition however and over the years I have been seduced by all sorts of styles of climbing on many different continents.Perhaps I’ve been waiting for the right combination of factors to come together –a certain level of personal climbing experience combined with the prospect of a strong team of great people, an exotic and wild location, a beautiful mountain and an amazing looking route.

A friend once said to me that if you set out on an alpine route with 100% confidence that you’ll be successful, then what’s the point in even going?

Changabang is a mystery to me right now, and will be as close to a real adventure as I’m likely to ever get.”

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