August 24, 2007

After a long flight and four or five movies each, we’ve arrived in New Delhi safe and sound.

To our relief all of our gear has arrived also (that got freighted from NZ) and is now strewn across the floor of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation which is where we’re staying.

Tommorrow we head off into the great beyond, well, Rishikesh actually, via the team bus and in a few days we’ll begin the trek to basecamp.

So far everything is going really well, even our stomachs are holding up well to the rigours of Indian cuisine in Delhi.

 Our next contact with back home may be when we get back out from the hills, so take care everybody, see ya on the otherside!

M, A, C, K, B


2 Responses to “Delhi”

  1. Stephen said

    to all friends of the climbing team……

    from some visitors to the NZ Changagang base camp.

    we visited the base camp by the Bagini Glacier at 4500m on the 3/4th September. All was well. Marty and Craig had set up advanced base camp (abc) on the 3rd at 5100m. The team also had a drop point set up on the other side of the glacier about 2 hours walk up where they had got a lot of their gear to.

    The accomodation, company and food was great!

    On 4th Adam and Kester headed up the valley with some more gear.

    We took a walk with Brian up the valley and got a clear view of Changabang.Superb!

    Brian set off later that day to the drop point and they were all the guys were planning to spend 3-4 days away from basecamp ferrying gear up to abc

    Also at the basecamp area was an Indian Army expedition , and an English/Dutch expedition , the latter were doing some routes on Kalanka

    Stephen Alder
    Claire Vivian-Neal
    Perri Glass

  2. Stephen said

    Update from Brian who passed on the following information to Clare

    I had a call last night (19/9/07) from Brian – such a surprise!
    Kenton and Nick (the UK team who have been sharing Base Camp climbing a neighbouring mountain, Kalanka) are leaving Base Camp to come out today. So Brian called from Kenton’s sat phone.

    All is well with all team members.
    Craig and Kester are going well. They are on the north face of Changabang now. They have been climbing for 4 days.
    Brian, Adam and Marty have established a camp on the col at the bottom of the west ridge and set ropes. They are having 2 rest days before going back to climb.
    The next 2 weeks are a critical time.
    They are all well and having a great time together.

    I do not expect to hear more until the team comes out to Joshimath after climbing.

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