Kia Ora, The Plan

June 26, 2007

Welcome to the NZHAS Expedition blog.

We’ll be updating this site with news and info about the expedition as often as we can.

Please see the links above for profiles of the team members, info about the mountains and a list of our awesome sponsors and organisations who have given us their support.

So, the plan:

On August 22nd, we will leave New Zealand to travel from New Delhi in northern India up the Ganges to its major source in the Kumaon Himalaya.

The objective of our expedition is to climb routes on the south face of Purbi Dunagiri (6489m) and the northern/western aspect of Changabang (6864m).

Purbi Dunagiri and Changabang are part of the Kumaon Himalaya, in the Uttaranchal State of India. The Kumaon forms the eastern section of the Indian Himalaya and is adjacent to Nanda Devi, the highest peak wholly within Indian borders. Changabang is also part of the “rim” of the “Nanda Devi Sanctuary”, a protected area.

Access to the peaks is from the West Branch of the Bagini Glacier. This drains into the Dhauli Ganga (river) and into the Alaknanda Ganga, the major tributary of the Ganges River.



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