Some Photos

June 7, 2007

“There is, on Changabang, a common denominator, a constant thread: breaking with habitual routines, in wild places, with good friends, pushing the limits of endurance and commitment. This is climbing at its finest, and, as with all good climbing, it allows one to return home the stronger and wiser for the adventure.”
Doug Scott – Alpinist Magazine


The north side of Kalanka (L) and Changabang (R). Photo by Zbysek Cesenek

The western and south western aspects of Changabang. The west face route is in profile on the left. This shot was taken by Doug Scott during the 1974 expedition that made the first ascent of the mountain via the east ridge.

Looking up at the west face route. Photo by Roger Payne


Allan Uren aiding through the Barrier on the West Face route, 2002. Photo by Brian Alder


One Response to “Some Photos”

  1. Allan said

    Hi Guys,

    Stoked to hear you’re all in one piece. Nothing like a bit of altitude deprivation to make you feel alive.

    Sounds like you did really well getting high congratulations. Look forward to hearing the details.

    Take it easy. Great to see the website updated.



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